Inaugural Conference on Cultural Political Economy: Putting Culture in its Place in Political Economy

A Collaboration between: Department of Politics, Philosophy and Religion, Department of Sociology, and the Cultural Political Economy Research Centre, Lancaster University Lancaster University Management School Geography Department, Sheffield University White Rose Social Science Doctoral Research Centre Graduate School of Education, Bristol University School of Environment, Education and Development, Manchester University Management School and Department of…

Cultural Political Economy and Critical Policy Studies

This article introduces cultural political economy as a distinctive approach in the social sciences, including policy studies. The version presented here combines critical semiotic analysis and critical political economy. It grounds its approach to both in the practical necessities of complexity reduction and the role of meaning-making and structuration in turning unstructured into structured complexity as a basis for ‘going on’ in the world.

Critical Semiotic Analysis and Cultural Political Economy

A case is made for ‘cultural political economy’ (CPE) by exploring the constitutive role of semiosis in economic and political activities, economic and political institutions, and social order more generally. CPE is a post-disciplinary approach that adopts the ‘cultural turn’ in economic and political inquiry without neglecting the articulation of semiosis with the interconnected materialities of economics and politics within wider social formations.

The Strategic-Relational Approach: An Interview with Bob Jessop

Q. Why did you become a Marxist and why do you remain a Marxist? Moreover, how can you justify your version of Marxism as Marxism?
A. This is a very interesting question. I never reflected on this issue and then made the decision from one day to the next. It was not like a religious conversion. You do not wake up one day and say “Oh my God, I’m a Marxist” and then elaborate the reasons.

The details of the Fourth Cultural Political Economy Workshop

  Cultural Political Economy Research Centre (CPERC) Lancaster University The Fourth Annual Cultural Political Economy Workshop Sponsored by Sociology Department Theme: Cultural Political Economy of Finance, Debt and Crisis Date: 22 May 2014 (Thursday) Place: Charles Carter A18, Lancaster University Time: 9:30-5:00   The details of the Fourth Cultural Political Economy Workshop is now available…

Lectures on Gramsci

This module introduces the work of Antonio Gramsci and its relevance to the arts, humanities and social sciences. It deals with the life and work of Gramsci, outlines the principal influences on his intellectual and political analyses, and some key concepts deployed in his work. At the end of the course, participants will have gained…