If you were to ask any adult to choose between sex or masturbating alone, a large majority of them would confidently select the former. That’s because there is a certain stigma surrounding both forms of sexual pleasure that has led most of us to believe that sex is inherently better than masturbating. The truth is that both forms of sexual pleasure are perfectly valid, and in a lot of ways, masturbation is much better than having actual sex. That is what we are going to discuss today.

A big reason that people prefer sex over masturbation is for the simple fact that sex is harder to obtain. In order to have sex, you not only need to find someone that you want to have sex with, but that person must want to have sex with you back. And that is typically a rare occurrence to most people. Juxtapose that to masturbation which you can do whenever you feel like, and some people immediately feel like masturbation is less worthwhile or and fulfilling when compared to sex.

However, that is not true! Masturbation is primarily beneficial compared to sex in that you have much more freedom to experiment. For example, you can try using a different hand position to stimulate yourself differently. Or you can try using adult toys to create new and exciting pleasure sensations. However you want to improve upon your sexual pleasure, you are free to do so, without anyone judging you for it.

Along the same reasoning above, a big reason people like masturbating is because they can do it while watching porn. Watching porn is typically something that most significant others don’t appreciate in general, let alone while having sex with them. This is not only because watching porn seems sleazy overall, but also because it makes them feel like you are more interested in the porn rather than them. But when you masturbate, you have the privacy to engage in such acts without them ever finding out!

Masturbation is also a lot safer than sex. You are not at risk of contracting any sexually transmitted diseases, nor are you at any risk of getting anyone pregnant either. Such consequences of sex should not be thought of lightly, and if you decide to have sex, you should be taking every precaution possible to ensure such long-term effects do not occur to you or your partner.

So masturbation definitely has its place in society. But what about sex? Well to start, sex typically feels a lot better. You are dealing with actual genital-to-genital stimulation which creates much more heightened sensations for both parties, particularly for men who get to experience the lubrication and tightness of a woman which is unlike most forms of masturbation (even with the use of adult toys).

And just as important, having sex creates an emotional connection between you and your partner that is simply impossible to achieve when masturbating alone. Even in a generic hookup, the emotional connection, whether it is strong or weak, is something that you cannot avoid even if you tried. In this way, sex is not just a truly satisfying physical experience, but an emotionally charged one as well.

While it is easy to see why sex is great when the opportunity arises, it is important not to forget how great masturbation can be as well. So in order to get the most sexual pleasure out of your life, don’t be afraid to engage in both sex and masturbation, both of which have their own unique advantages over each other. You won’t regret it!