For many people, whether you are in high school or working a full-time job, after a long day, you don’t just come home to an empty home, but to a family. The importance of family is often so understated, which is really a shame – because families are the backbone of American life and a huge part to your emotional well-being. Here we’ll discuss the inherent benefits to having a loving family.

It starts with the social interactions. Every day, you have someone who you can just talk to about anything. Unless you are married or in a steady relationship, lovers come and go, and the same can even be said about friends to a certain extent. Even in the best relationships, people move on and go their separate ways for whatever reason. And while the same can happen with family members, they are much less likely to fully separate from your life compared to non-relatives.

Without people around you to talk to, you can become quite lonely and reclusive if such an environment persists in your life. No matter how much of a recluse you may feel that you are in general, not having anyone around to talk to will start to affect your mood over time. That is why it is so important to have family there for you. It doesn’t have to be much more than a few words every day – even just a simple “good morning” when you see them in the morning will keep you from going down a dark hole of loneliness and potentially depression in certain cases.

Family does play a deeper role than just providing someone to talk to on a superficial level. They actually provide important emotional support when you run into troubles in your life. Think about it – when push comes to shove, who can you really depend on? Family members just have a way of making you feel better that no one else can replicate. And it isn’t just parents who have this ability either – anyone in your family who you have a close emotional bond with can help get you out of your funk. And that is so invaluable given how life is a constant battle with roadblocks and issues to overcome.

The great thing about family is also how you can be absolutely honest with them about anything. They are like your own private diary to help get things off your chest, whatever the case may be. If you want something to be totally confidential, then you can count on them keeping it just between you and them.

In the end, the reason family is so awesome is because they are an amazing support system that will always be there for you, no matter what the circumstance. Whether you need a shoulder to cry on, or just someone to talk to and confide in, you can always count on your family to give you what you need. And while there is always room for “extended family” like friends and romantic partners that may be in your life, always remember that nothing can take the place of a truly loving family.